Monday, November 26, 2007

Levels of Authority

Levels of Authority
When an organization gives a team, individual, committee, or council, an assignment, it is imperative that everyone clearly understands their level of authority.
Problems often arrise not because someone does not have the authority they want but because they do not have the authority that they were led to believe that they had.

1 Research the problem Report findings No authority, Only Reporting
2 Research the problemDevelop, alternative solutionsReport Finding Solution options only
3 ResearchDevelopRecommend best solution for approval Recommend best solution
4 Research DevelopSelect best solutionReport solution decisionRecommendation for implementation Implementation
5 Research DevelopSelectImplementInform/Report Implement and report on progress
6 DevelopSelectImplementEvaluate Total authorityNo reporting necessary

Reprinted with permission from:Management SolutionsConsulting and Training ServicesA Division of Red Head Enterprises. Unfortunately a great teacher, Dana Meyers (The Red Head) passed away a few years ago.

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